Our Story

Driven by our motto that 'Fashion is Limitless'.... The Ascots and Pearls Shop is committed to creating and curating the ultimate styling experience by providing the most delectable items for you.  Utilizing our love for details, details and more details, we believe that one's style is sacred and therefore commands the utmost attention in its refinement. We are your style experts! (don't believe us, take a look at this).

We have a huge love for COLOR (we're sure you've figured that out already), textures and most importantly creativity. We seamlessly infuse all these elements in the unique items we provide and want to ensure that you are strutting out in the world looking like you just popped out of a high-end magazine cover glistening like a millions bucks! 

Whether you need some gorgeous shoes for your grand wedding, a statement handbag to strut with you as you conquer the world, or the perfect accessory for a fun night of dinner and dancing, we've definitely got you covered.

Go ahead and let your style tell the world your story in an Ascots and Pearls Shop exclusive!